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September 27, 2015


Naked hookers in boxing match after dispute over $80

(Thanks to funny man)


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So she knew she stole their money and she decided a nude boxing match was the win to prove otherwise?

*head explodes*

First draft of Back to the Future Part III.

That had to be a sight. Life can be a boxing match though even though you may not want it.

It should be a Pay_per-View TV event. I would spent even 5 bucks to watch this.

PICTURES, where are the pictures?!

I want to see it because I want to prove that Africa was injured not by my client but by the other two girls during the fight," Kennedy said.

Right. And I want to see it because, um, I see it as purely an art form.

"Naked Hooker Fight" WBAGNFA certain kind of RB....

"I saw them rain down [blows] on Africa."

Whatever happens the pimp gets half.

He also is their travel agent, sending Indie, Africa, and
YaYa to Brooklyn.

Kinda like a jerk of all trades.

Hos come to blows over bucks for blows.

You have heard of the Thrilla in Manila? This is the Punchfest-illa of possibly undiscovered sexually transmitted diseases-illa.

Soon to be an Olympic demonstration sport.

At the end of the day all 3 hookers felt like they got stiffed.

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