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September 29, 2015


Amateur MMA fighter says big breasts are making life hard for her in the ring

(Thanks to funny man)


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*awaits ligirl*

them breasts could make lotsa things hard i reckon.

why me, bob ? they don't seem to make life hard for me here in the blog

Actually , she could chop them off. It's been done before by other athletes. I suspect she needs them though for her other gig as a "bartender". ligirl, if anything, brings more than most to the blog, and her pure comic genius is not hampered in anyway by her accessories.

If she did remove them, she'd be unstoppable, like most juggernaughts

Nice pun, JG.

Angelina Jolie might have a solution for her.

The legendary Amazons had the reputation of removing a breast to make archery easier.

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