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September 24, 2015


Kanye West Says He Is 'Definitely' Thinking About Running For President

(Thanks to Alkali Bill)


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He sounds more intelligent that half the current clown car riders. More sane, too.

Probably better on policy.

I wonder if I can emigrate to England?

*barfs* @ thought of flotus selfies

why not play one on tv? i dont know what it is, but i think hes perfect for the 'west wing'.

"I'm definitely 'thinking' about running....How do you 'think'?

After 4 years of President Trump and his "first" lady, who knows, the world may be ready for Kanye and Kim.

But if it is, I'm on the next space ship to Mars.

He's " thinking "...?

Kanye? Who's she?

I, for one, wish to suggest we consider "writing in" President Allstate. Even as a fictional president, there's alot to be said for him!

Gargoyle, the combined narcissism in a presidential debate between Kanye and the Donald would reach to Mars.

Oh give me a break

snorks @Clankie and @funnyman

Be prepared to be jealous: I got my Dave Barry for President (Yes, of the United States) bumper sticker yesterday. Sure, it says "2008", but a little work with a sharpie and its gold!

Ms. Flukey, I have one too. I wonder if Dave would appoint us all to positions in his cabinet?

NC ~ I think that's a given. I'll be Minister (Mistress?) of Oreos and Bacon.

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