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September 30, 2015


Woman ends up in hospital after 'confusing builder’s foam with her hair mousse'


(Thanks to The Amazing Steve, Bob Brogan and Loudmouth)


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Just wait until she sues because there was no warning label on the building foam saying "WARNING - Do Not Use On Hair"!

Looking good, Mama!

honest to G0d - just looking at the picture i thought surely she dove for a bridal bouquet & fell into the wedding cake

wrong - her name's NOT shirley

The slow solution to saving the hair.

ligirl, I was wondering if it was a bouquet or just twigs and leaves. And why did she spray "hair mousse" on her blouse?

I think she out trumped the Donald.

The face of dementia. My late mother ,with dementia, once made a delicious chicken noodle dish. Instead of olive oil she used some type of golden looking cleanser in the dish. Didn't taste good.

This is why you don't keep your builder's foam in the bathroom. Make fun of her all you want but if a Kardashian had done this it would be the next big thing in hair styling and everybody would be doing it.

And, surprisingly, she looks better than Miley!

Why is she at the hospital? She doesn't need a doctor. She needs a barber...or sheep shearer.

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