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September 22, 2015


Squirrels: America's tiny menace

(Thanks to Ranald Adams)


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Hmm... if that was a Dan Rather report, it may be that the dogs were telling him about it.

Mainstream Media wake up call moment from the past. Squirrels were involved. Lots of them.

True vindication, Dave.

May be your first (furry) plank in the campaign?

These are not current occurrences, when I was a kid a squirrel kamikazed in to a transformer and took out power for a couple of hours. But once again the Powers That Be did NOTHING.

My mom used to make a great squirrel stew every fall when they are the fattest.

You'd think that the utility companies would figure out ways to squirrel-proof the infrastructure.

But, NOOOOO, as I'mNotDave said.

I think they think they can charge us more than they could by fixing the problem.

Customer: My electricity was off 20 hours because of a squirrel? Do I get a credit for the down time and inconvenience?

Utility: Sir that down time cost us money, too, so we have added a nonservice charge of $114.86 to your bill, but we can amoritize it over the next year, if you'd like....

This is just a typical election-year bundle of demonizing innocent Rodent-Americans. Where are all the videos of squirrels helping elderly ladies across the street, huh? Or giving snout-to-mouth resuscitation to injured firefighters? Or forming a rodent chain, nose to tail, to rescue baby ducklings from icy ponds??? This is why you have no credibility among informed voters.

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