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September 25, 2015


School district bans game of tag to ‘ensure physical, emotional safety of students’

(Thanks to wiredog, Will Dooley, coscolo and West Coast Rod)

Girl suspended from school for wearing wrong shade of green

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Okay tag story, ridonculous. Green story? Obey the dress code, or if you're against that sort of thing, go to school somewhere else.

"You're It until further research can be conducted into how this could effect your complex delicate weeny emotions. And you smell"

Manual Tomato ~ I'm rubber, you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

I'm sorry. That was very un-PC of me. I'll listen to an hour of NPR as penance.

Red Rover is still okay isn't it?

A meeting with the principal would have been arranged and my traumatized emotions as well as hygiene would have been brought up regarding the glue. But I went to an inner city school. A fifth grader punched the Principal in the nose (true). Blood everywhere (true). I went to a tough school emotionally speaking (true). All I cared about was my marbles, army men and knives. Psychologically I could be potentially be harmed emotionally by all this when I turn 60. I hurt all over and it's not because I'm 60.

@manual - 'what color blood was com-ing out' ?

*red light / green light* - runs to catch geezer bus

*HUGS* manual tomato.

Hey, we survived dodge ball with some very tough kids from a much less weenified area of Brooklyn.

I was in like first or second grade at a school assembly sitting in the seats at the gym. Mr. Reams (Reambo) the principal was escorted out of the facility by a woman who appeared to be weeping as He held a blood drenched white handkerchief to his nose. Ok, he was bleeding profusely all over anyone near him after being punched in the nose by an upperclassman, OK. It was bright red and I was traumatized by it all to the point of needing a psychologist, but that field of study was still sketchy at that time. Except for Freud. We covered the id, ego, superego stuff in kindergarten. I was shy. I must have been hiding from girls sitting there in my bleacher seat, but later I went over the traumatization I experienced with several friends of the neighborhood, all of whom are to this day in prison.

To the best of my recollection, Here is a recreation of what happened. Some guys were playing hide and seek and the whole thing got out of hand.

My neighborhood was so tough my dad made me take boxing lessons when I was seven (true). I bleed red.

Picky, Picky, Picky.

Who could have caused you to pick on a little girl
[wiggles nose]....was it SATAN?

manual you should have gone to some of the schools I went to when I was growing up. My dad was a career military guy in the USAF so I went to Department of Defense schools. They encouraged us to fight.

I understand Hitler hated tag,

Well, I grew up near Ferguson, MO. The only difference was my neighborhood was much, much worse. Today it is a vacant lot. Not the house, the entire city. I can not go back to my old neighborhood. Just too dangerous. Before the state shut down the school district, on campus murders didn't set well with the parents.

Oh, my dad was in the USMC, First Division. I still have his medals and lumps to prove it.

BTW, I want to donate his medals to a museum or similar. Does anyone have any experience with sort of thing? How to go about it. Who might be best to contact about it?

The Marines stand USAF guys up head first in the toilet for kicks. Well navy guys (true). USAF brats are all right with me, I had boxing lessons.

I lost at red rover when I was about seven. The girls called me over. I did not know that that was an opportunity. I am still not that smart.

My strong Irish ancestry tells me there is no such thing as a wrong shade of green.

Offended people really offend me.

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