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September 26, 2015


A Wisconsin man admitted to having sex with a donkey at his workplace because his “privates were out of control,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Daily News.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ugh. What a jackass.

This story could spread fast and go virus. Kick me again, love.

As a Wisconsinite, I feel compelled to defend this man, not because my privates are also out of control, but because numerous woman/donkey comparison studies in Wisconsin lead one to conclude that the four-legged option is not so bad. The donkeys eat less cheese, weigh less,and score higher on the SATs.

Hey, when your privates are "out of control" there is not much else you can do. He deserves our pity, not censure.

Uncle Scoopy, on the other hand, is just asking for trouble.

i don't feel sorry for him and to use an animal. Gross

If you're gonna believe anything the Noo Yawk Daily Noos prints about Wisconsin, then there's more than one jackass in this story.

Out of Control Privates opened for Ginger Baker's Air Force.

I saw a porn movie "Saving Ryan's Privates".

I hate when that happens.

Generally speaking, you have to marshal your privates or you will receive major corporal punishment.

I guess I'll have to click on it to find out what type of "workplace" includes a donkey -- that you could get caught having sex with IYKWIM. But I won't. Click.

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