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September 30, 2015


What is THE most Florida place in Florida?


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The Everglades? After all, they have gators and giant pythons

Key West

Cyprus Gardens. Until it wasn't.

Definitely Miami. They let sharks on their people movers. Here in N.C. you have to go to the beach to get one and they don't even let them on public transportation.

Last of old Florida, Apalachicola.

The Villages (with all the crazy retired people). My friend is a rental property manager there and she knows a lot of stuff. I cannot repeat it here since it is a family blog.

I vote for all for Broward County

Speaking of Broward...how about Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise?

*all* of dizzy world

cuz it's a small world after*all*

for people watching Old Town "Mall" in/near Orlando.

for life-defying challenges all of I-95 around/in Miami.

Miami is unique. So is Key West. Venice comes to mind. I was in Sarasota a week or so ago. As they say up there "Sarasota has a lot of old people and their parents live in Venice".

Wherever you can buy that figurine of clams playing poker.

Orlando is probably what the largest amount of tourists know.

Coco Beach.

You can really sense the glorious past....

And it's got a beach....

Set up a fake toll booth in the median of the Golden Glades Interchange and take a poll.

And congratulations on finally writing that book!

How's the annexation of Flathead County coming?

The commercially successful but silly upside down house in Orlando.

I support Key West for "the" place to be. More crazies per square foot there then any other place...and they do not look out of place.

As for "WVPlantman"...I was the one wearing a tropical shirt, with a parrot on my head, in Venice a week or so ago. By the way, the proper terminology is "older people", not "old people". "Old" is always 10 years older than I am !!

I'm not sure if it is a place as much as the episodes of Cops that are filmed on location.

The Governor's Office.

Holiday Inn. Boca Raton. Alligators in the pond.

The Everglades. My cousin's former bait store.

Haven't been to Florida in a while, but if this blog is any indication, I think the weirdest place is your yard.

Agree with funny man, I-95 is always a thrill.

Anytime I end up visiting, always like to go to Miami Beach, especially the Deco district. Just something about it...

Either Mysore or Sandusky.

Kennedy Space Center, FTW!

I always thought Florida was a state of mind.

Silver Springs State Park, home of the glass bottom boats!

You write books? Have you considered starting smaller, like with a newspaper column?

Orange County: it has everything including cattle ranches, swamps, downtown Orlando, and Disney World.

the place most often hit by hurricanes.

Noname, it is well known that the Villages has some of the highest STD rates in Florida. The ratio of women to men is 8 to 1. Whoohoo! Is it any coincidence, Ken, that the largest ranching (300,000 acres) concern in Florida and Orange county is the Mormon church? I think not.

Southern style? Something in the panhandle, like Live Oak.
Northern style? Probably Orlando
Latin American Style? Miami.

Two words: Bith lo.

Old Florida: Weeki Watchee
New Florida: Trump Tower

Okeefenokee Swamp.

Palm Bay in southern Brevard County. The trashiest place on the planet, hands down.

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