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September 23, 2015


Wannabe TV reporter becomes a huge hit in Albania after wearing an open blouse for her screen test... and immediately gets the job

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The stations ratings are up, too..

She looks warm. One of the crew should hold a powerful fan off to the side of her...

No, Allen, that would be wrong.

In front of her would be better.

She's keeping everyone abreast of the news... .

She should be a weather person with those warm fronts..

You must admit...she has a couple of good points.

Tonight's top 2 stories are...

Was there news in that picture? I didn't see any news.

can't spell 'Enki Bracaj' without a 'Bra'

- er, maybe you can

( . )( . )

Can we send Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj to audition?

They might learn nothing...

Or maybe they'd stay. C'mon, I can dream....

Actually I would include Miley and Justin too....

I suspect most men would immediately give her a private interview with them. The way of the world.

I would like to teleprompter.

Obviously, she was the best chest... I mean, choice.

I initially read that headline as "Alabama."

stay classy, albania.

Obviously, but does she have pointy elbows??? That's a deal breaker for most guys.

I'm just sayin'

Those are nice top stories.

OldPhil, join the club. I did the same, as did one of my friends.

The pivot to witty repartee with the meteorologist might be the high point of the newscast.



What's the satellite channel?


My Is are up ^ there,

wwwWWWwwwWWWWwwwWWww.....Come in Tokyo!

The channel is supposedly called Zjarr, but perhaps Zjuggs would be correct.

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