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September 27, 2015


Dreams squashed when massive zucchini vanishes from Canada's largest urban farm

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Massive Zuccini opened for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But I don't eat veggies, so I went to Meatloaf concert instead.

Another game of hide the zucchini, is it ? Well... we can deal with that.

"Dreams Squashed" Oh, those cheeky Canadian headline writers.

At least it wasn't the Zamboni.

Squashed? Oh I get it...heh heh.

But it's the lowest of the low who steals from a non-profit farm. I mean that was a non-profit zucchini. Sure, if it were a for-profit zucchini, I could understand it....but this was a NON-profit zucchini!

(that's Zamboni ® ™ and all other indicia as appropriate)

They grilled a suspect, but he stayed cool as a cucumber

Zucchini, the Florida swamp pythons of home gardens. They just grow bigger by the month and you can't give them away. Who would steal one? Who would complain?

Blame this guy.

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