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September 30, 2015


Family smashes toilet after snake refuses to vacate premises

(Thanks to Steve Thompson and Ralph)


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Did they say please?

Don't you mean...


That'll teach 'em.

My friend got a call at work years ago, and immediately began shouting "No, do NOT do that, no no no, just wait and I'll be right there, I said DO NOT - aaargh!" He slammed down the phone and ran for his truck. Pretty soon he came back from a visit to his house and explained gloomily that his wife had opened up on a snake in the bathroom with his .357, killing the toilet and sink but of course missing the snake. "At least she missed the bathtub," he said gloomily. His floor had big holes everywhere.

wow, Alien8 - talk aboutcher abruptTile dysfunction !

- i'd call her 'the porcelainator'

Finding a snake as you sit would be an instant laxative.

Smashing Toilets opened for Butthole Surfers.

Send them to Washington.

I am fairly certain something was "vacated," if not the premises.

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