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September 24, 2015


Man tries to sell meth at Walmart

(Thanks to Chris Johnson)


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And he didn't offer to give Walmart a cut of the profits. Sir you do not want to mess with Walmart lawyers!

Walmart. There is no good reason for those things to be in civilian hands.

Save money. Live better.

Moron. You make meth at Walmart, you don't sell meth at Walmart.

Don't all walmarts sell meth??

Walmart only sells My Little Pony Meth, not Crystal Meth.

Everyday low prices.

Putting all those mom-and-pop meth stores out of business.

There always seems to be incidents that just happen to be at Walmart. Why? To be selling meth in the parking lot of a discount store.

Does Walmart offer a partial refund if you find the meth cheaper somewhere else?

Instead of speedy checkout, my WalMart offers checkers on speed.

I just left there. He put the cat food in the same bag as the cheese, and gave me $3.69 in change. Why?

There is no why. He was a Wal-Martian.

No wonder the little Rollback smiley-face is smiling...

Yeah, K, but you'd hate to see his teeth.

I'm wondering where he got Chinese made meth.
'Cause it has to be made in China to be sold at WalMart.

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