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August 26, 2015


Man Arrested For Masturbating In Chip Aisle Of Uniontown Sheetz Store

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, who says "This guy really loves chips!) 


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Where the hell is the EPA when you need them?

He thought the sign said Free to Lay.

like he could help it - he's 18 for crissake. back me up on this fellers.

I was just in a Sheetz store in West Mifflin PA last Saturday. I may have been in Monroeville. Their cities are VERY oddly shaped. I wondered what that smell was.....

He was pounding his sPUD.

Mudstuffin: You are correct. Seldom did more than three hours go by for me between, um, "sessions" when I was 18.

Name change:


Skettz, skeets, skeets!!!!

I'd advise other customers to avoid the onion dip.

So he was in the Sheetz when the mood struck him?

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