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August 31, 2015


Japanese kids enter giant toilet to learn about poop


(Thanks to funny man)


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You will develop a completely new appreciation for the unsung toilet.

I hardly think so. I've already learned scads from this educational Blog who has a sewage pump lift station named after him.

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"poop hats"


The Japanese people are so earthy, never forgetting were they came from.

Those kids are real ***t heads.

Is Gene Weingarten involved in this?

The Japanese sure do think about poop a lot don't they? OldPhil, Gene Weingarten is much too refined to be involved with something like this.

Geez Louise, how much is there to know? Don't answer that.

Hey, this is merely an attempt to encourage them to become plumbers. (I think.)

Gene is poop-obsessed.

How did they get Michael Moore to part with his bathroom fixture ?

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