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August 29, 2015


We the people should change the national bird of the United States of America to fried chicken.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Perfect! We're gonna need some napkins....

I can't wait to hear what PETA and every vegan and vegetarian in the world has to say about this.

♫ Everybody get on your feet,
You're hungry and need a treat,
Crispy Crunchy with that sweet meat,
get ready cause we gotta eat, can't be beat,

Fried Chicken,
Fred Chicken...♫

sung to tune of Barefooting by Robert Parker

So far they've gotten 9 folks (out of the 100,000 required) to sign their petition...that just about says it all.

And yet you seldom see fried chicken on the wing...as opposed to eating wings.

*sends the geezer bus to pick up funny man *

Key quote:

"Bald eagles are nice birds and all, but few people will ever even see a bald eagle and even fewer people know anything about the habits and inclinations of bald eagles."

Here's a thought: *Read a book and LEARN about bald eagles!*

You can even (if you are careful) eat some fried chicken while reading!

I tried to sign the petition but apparently furriners aren't eligible.

Dave failed to note the key word in the title: 'Oficially'

I think turkey would be better - it is stupid, fat and aggressive - wheat more do you need?

I vote for the hipster entry, tofurkey, as it is a humorlessly bland copycat lacking in substance and taste. (Rimshot!)

I for one am all for it. Anything that can possibly make our nation look more stupid.

Ben Franklin advocated for the turkey, saying it was more American (they have eagles in Europe, but no gobblers), and it's how we traditionally give thanks. There would have to be a referendum on what kind of dressing to serve with it though.

@Nancy Gill




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