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August 11, 2015


Parents Drive 93 Miles, Realize They Forgot Girl, 3

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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Accident? You make the call.

Let he who is without sin... remember that Mary and Joseph did the same thing when Jesus was 12.

The return trip was 93 miles of blaming each other.

... and took only 10 minutes to get there, FredKey.



@MOTW -- you better believe it! :)

This was always my greatest childhood fear - especially when we were on vacation, and I would use the gas station restroom and come out to find that my father had moved the car away from the pump to make room for other folks. At least that was THEIR story.

This is also why I refused to go to summer camp: God knows how far they could travel if I was gone for a whole week.

The Rodhams looked at each other... then kept driving

Went to a meeting at a Building site, and client introduced his new marketing nerd from CALI, and left for other meet,

I walked the team thru the project for 20 min. , dude says 'going for a smoke' We finished up and went out front, chatted for 5min. then went back to HQ. Client comes in and says where is
'nerd' ? we said we lost him on his smoke break... Client=Not Hasppy

Tout arrive en France, oui?

One of my favorite classic Dave columns of all time - when he describes how his brother accidentally drove off and left his sister-in-law in the middle of the night in the Charleston slums.

I thought 100mph+ speed limits were only in Germany on the Autobahn - 93 miles in 45 minutes is over 120mph!! What's the speed limit in France?

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