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August 25, 2015


Dane commits 'genitalia vandalism' in IKEA

(Thanks to Allen at Dvision)


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I believe they opened for Madonna in DickFest '69.

Since when do they let Great Danes into IKEA? And what's so great about them, really?

Yes I know...the geezer bus is loading now (grumble grumble)....

isn't it good - norwegian wood ?

It's true -- there ain't nothin' like a Dane

That wasn't at all what I was expecting. Unfortunately.

I bet his wife never takes him shopping again, so...not all bad.

"We must be a kinder, genitalia people..." was part of
fearless leader's speech, I think, just before he started the bombing...

Banned from IKEA and forced to buy only quality furniture. That's so cruel.
BTW, wouldn't the "artwork" increase the value of the IKEA stuff?

*snork* @ fredkey

How come Banksy can get away with it?

At first I thought that said Dave commits 'genitalia vandalism' in Ikea. Then I realized our Dave would never willingly shop at an Ikea so I looked at it again. Whew!

*Parks the Geezer Bus on funny man's lawn, waits for fireworks to commence*

Slot tab A into hole B. Screw together.

dont forget to bring the measuring tape.

Ah, the decorative lamps called "yttre könsorgan" which translates to genitalia.


I thought it said


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