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August 24, 2015


Police have arrested a homeless man in connection with the Sunday night stabbing of an individual with a parrot near Disneyland.

(Thanks to manual tomato)


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Definitely not the happiest place on earth for the stabbing victim.

When you stab upon a bar, makes no difference who you are ..

He stabbed the guy with a parrot? Must have had a sharp beak.

How do you stab someone with a parrot? Maybe freeze it and then hone it to a point?

Possibily because the "homeless man", the perp, was "hearing voices." Which is sad, because he apparenty hears them with or without a parrot in the vicinity.

The Happiest Placed on earth? Not Dismaland!

Not to be confused with that other theme park!

The higher ups, editor, changed corrected the headline. Originally the story headline ran as:

Suspect arrested in connection with stabbing a man with a parrot near Disneyland

Had I written a sentence structured in this manner, My eight grade English teacher would have admonished me in front of the girls in class and eliminated me as a prospective love interest. The pervert.

alkskkh@yahoo.com is me, manual tomato, who had nothing to do with the suspect who stabbed a man with a parrot. I would have used a fake ID with an otter.

otter with a fake ID. The editor.

{{ alkskkh aka a la manual tomato }} rough day, honey?

The parrot turned states evidence.

It's pining for the fjords

"Polly want a lawyer!"

When asked about the incident, the victim (the man with parrot) said "Arrrgh".

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