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August 11, 2015


Couple accused of sex act at Hyde Park 'went beyond the bounds of public decency'

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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'Just wondering whether any of you happened to have been at Woodstock back in '69. I wasn't, though I think this same couple may have been there... and they still haven't found a room!

Well, she was a Hospitality Waitress. ...

Not there, Capisce, but my brother was.

Beyond the bounds of pubic decency, too.

The bounds of public decency reaching heights never though achievable while standing to redefine the vary frontiers of the morning routine.

My alarm clock just buzzes.

If it's Hyde Park, you need to define "public decency."

Maybe he just needed inflating...

In her defense, that would certainly wake me up.

Thar she blows!

ha Tex! the story's all blown out of proportion, I guess

Get a tree !

Mummy, is that lady a cannibal?

I guess they felt they had nothing to "hyde" . . .

sheesh it's not like they were baring arms -
why hide bare when you can invoke your right to bare hide ?

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