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August 26, 2015


Facebook spam king admits sending over 27 million messages

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "The death penalty might not be enough.")


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Force him to eat Spam...and only Spam while in prison.
That'll teach him.

his 'your place or my parents' basement' line finally caught up with him

I bet he knows a way to make $6K a month while working only 10 hours a week.......

Wow. I first set up filters for our office's mail server to try to block this guy's crap over 20 years ago; they didn't call him "Spamford" Wallace for nothing. I've got no reason to think this will stop him.

That can't be him. He's not wearing sunglasses.

By the way, I can get you a great deal on sunglasses if you don't insist the brand name is spelled correctly ...

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