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August 23, 2015


Now: A cocktail cabinet.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Charles Cates)


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He's a very grumpy looking Jesus. Maybe he's trying to discourage the man from drinking.

You don't keep cocktails in a cabinet -- you keep them in linky">this.

He needs to get his eyes checked.

A guy I heard of in college said that one night he drank 5 bottles of Ripple (a cheaper version of Boone's Farm wine).
He said he met the Ripple Monster, and that he met
God. It turns out God's first name is 'Carl'..

Looks more like Ozzy Osbourne to me.

*Puts nice soft cushion on my seat in the Handbasket, sits primly, waiting patiently for departure.*

i Clearly see a panting shihtzu in the bottom half,
it's by No means a 'Holy' shiht

*shotgun*, klezmerphan !

Should a church organist even have a cocktail cabinet?

You usually don't see Jesus until AFTER several cocktails, I hear.

And anyone who's seen STEAMBATH knows God's name is Morty, not Carl. Although it could be, as Morty would say.

Okay ligirl, you called it first!

On a sad note, I just found out that my all-time crossword hero, Merl Reagle, passed away in Florida. RIP, Merl, and thank you for all your amazing puzzles and puns. Sundays will never be the same again without you.
/end serious

Amen, klez. I too shall miss him.

And I'm willing to bet this guy is single. If he isn't, he probably will be soon.

I'll drink to that!

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