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August 26, 2015




(Thanks to Monique)


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S'Colar=A person who uses (chews) Skoal?

Why would they only welcome them back, unless it's a tobacco trade school....?????

in 'artford, 'erriford, and 'ampshire, 'urricanes 'ardly hever 'appen.

Why isn't it spelled "Worchester"?

The headmaster or principal said "Get the H out!!" and they took him extremely literally!

I work in a theater office building. I've lost count of the number of times a message has appeared on the marquee with the owner's name misspelled.

"You're dreams were your ticket out"

They didn't win the spelling bee.(ha)

Poor Peter Scolari is going to be really insulted when he shows up.

The school is in Massachusetts.
The sign should read "Woostah Scholahs"

I had a resignation slip from a guy who "recieved" a "scolarship" to go to "collage". I asked if it was a athletic scholarship and he seemed surprised I figured that out.

I pulled my kids out of elementary school 'cause their spelling homework had spelling errors more than once.
The sign out front also was prone to spelling errors. Duh!

Key quote:

"School starts for Worcester Public School students in grades 1-12 on Wednesday morning."

So when does it start for the one responsible for that sign? (Or is it already way too late?)

Now let's not be hasty. Maybe the Scolars are a large family like the Duggers and the school was just welcoming all of them back.

They call it North High School because Worcester is too hard for most people to spell or pronounce.

Worce = wuhs
ster = stuh
Worcester = wuhsstuh

This is so not a good sign....

I can't knock Wistah (which is how they actually pronounce it). I lived there for a while and actually liked it. For a big city (2nd largest in New England) it's not so bad. The accent is a cross between Boston and Providence. Being from Connecticut, I have no accent even though I could throw a stone from my house to MA and I was less than two miles from RI.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled humor.

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