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August 25, 2015


Which part of the plane is most covered in poo?

(Thanks to Judy B.)


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You're giving me a bad name!

The delightful seat behind the howling toddler?

"Can we please get over this poo 'obsession'?"

INTERCOM: "Please don a clean body bag before boarding the airplane. The Management thanks you for your cooperation."

Baby steps off the plane ..
Baby steps off the plane ..
Baby steps off the plane ..

The airlines has thoughtfully placed barf bags in the magazine holder located at the back of each seat, next to the Emergency Exit instructions.

Feel free to take the bags out at this time and use them after reading this article.

No Frills Airline

Is this a trick question?

What are seat cushions ?, Alex. I'll take Airline Travel for $ 200.

the pants of the guy reading the wall street journal yesterday.

‘I have seen passengers change their baby’s nappy on the tray table, and cut their fingernails on board.’

I remember when you weren't allowed fingernail clippers in carryon. That led to some pretty long/sharp nails on the return trip.

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