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August 21, 2015


Washington Woman Claims To Be In An Intimate Relationship With Bigfoot

(Thanks to Pat McG)


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“That’s when I looked down and noticed he had a huge erection between his legs. I hadn’t gotten any in a while and well, from there, it somehow turned steamy. I don’t know if he started it or I did. He did me from behind and I’ve got to admit – it felt kinda great!”

50 SHADES fan fiction strikes again.

Sounds like someone already brought you some mushrooms, lady.

Then again, you know what they say about big feet...

The former marijuana farmer...


So capitalizing on my boyfriend's fame is the only plan I have to make money. I might start by selling my story as a TV movie for The Hallmark Channel.

That's all you need to know.

That lying piece of scum told me I was his only true love.


Nancy Hoggert, meet the Obama Administration's chief architect behind the Nuclear Arms deal with Iran.

Daily Digest not your average news


A bizarre story of either cryptozoological inter-species love
or intense mental illness.

I vote for the latter.

I expect to hear this on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me this week. I am
fully convinced that Peter Sagal and Bill Kurtis read this blog.

When she spotted his huge erection it officially became a Sascrotch sighting.

"Hey man.. Remember the time you dressed up like Bigfoot to steal some of that crazy lady's weed?? And you ended up boning her?? 'Member? That was friggin awesome.."

Will there be little bigfoots, or little littlefoots, or baby squatch soon?

I'll send a bandana or a banana....

Major *snork* at Sean In Akron.

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