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August 24, 2015


Millions of drunk German wasps cause chaos across Britain

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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The 'worker' wasps are most dangerous because they are racked with boredom at this time of year, according to pest control bosses.

In America, bored WASP workers plan "team-building retreats"
and develop output measurement metrics

Tonight at 11: When Queens Stop Laying
they 'don't need food bringing to them.'


It's usually drunken Brits causing chaos. And most of them are WASPs.

Damn tourists.

their stings are the wurst

I blame the bartenders. If you can't tell when a wasp has had enough, you shouldn't be in business.

Cut them off, call them a cab, and let them sleep it off.

What are Women Airforce Service Pilots doing getting drunk in Germany?

Must be a very slow news day. That happens every year over here - I always figured Yellowjackets ( = "German Wasps" in Europe) just were really hungover in the fall because they keep eating fermenting fruit and getting drunk. That's why they get so cranky.

If the French are worried maybe they will get lucky again and three US Servicemen will happen to along to save them.

I saw Drunk German Worker Wasps open for Sting at Wembley. It was a heckuva show!

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