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August 28, 2015


Police Arrest Man, 34, Following Unprovoked Potato Salad Attack On His Mother

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, DaninDallas, maryann, Ric Williams, Barry Nester, Gary Schroeder, Bill Hudgins and Michael Huber, who asks "What's up with all of these side dish assaults?)


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"and they all moved away from me on the group w bench..."

At least he had his clothes on.

Spud missle.

Let me guess -- she told him that he had to move out of her basement.

A Palm de terre-ist

Mr. Potatohead is not amused.

A kartoffel kerfuffle.

" Sure I love the dear potato salad
that shines in your hair... "

he'll get to toss *lots* of salad in jail

Kids these days, part XXCM...

Both this guy (and the woman who was drunk driving as shown just below the featured article)...need to learn some self -control. Or they could always claim it was a
reaction to being vacinated....

"unprovoked attack"?? Like there could be a justifiable reason for wasting perfectly good potato salad?

There is no good reason for this stuff to be in the hands of civilians. wanderer2575, that was my first thought too.

"After pelting his mother with grub, Smith allegedly pushed her to the ground, pulled her across the floor by her legs, and “spitted on her.”

This 34 year old needs a time-out !

"And spitted on her"

Well, BBQ is good with potato salad.

Give him back!

Provoked attack with potato salad: self-defense
Unprovoked attack with potato salad: hate crime

I, for one, only attack my mother with provoked potato salad.

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