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August 22, 2015




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Is that Ned Beatty off in the distance?

Talk about yer water hazard ..

I think this needs to be on every golf course in America, plus every Donald J. Trump course.

What a croc

The brown smudge in the lower left corner looks like the face of a giant catfish.

I'm sure this well meaning sign was done to protect
the gators from the kids.

But what about the sharks?

Are there pumas in the crevices ?

Thanks Clankie... I just spent (or wasted - hahaha) an hour looking at old Smothers Brothers vids on YouTube. I very pleasant trip down memory lane.

That is a big warning to have to deal with too. Gators

In Illinois, soccer tournaments post politician warnings.

Oh, well, since the gators are doing no swimming then it's probably fine.

It starts like this but ends with Gatornado.

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