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August 28, 2015


Fake sprouts growing out of your head is now a thing in Beijing

(Thanks to funny man)

Just don't let it go too far.

(Thanks to Dave D and Bill)


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Does she know Hellboy?


Do they get WiFi?

"Hey big guy. Yeah, you with the four leaf clover on top of your head. Why don't you come over here and see if you can get really lucky?" said no woman ever.
As for the second one about the elderly woman. I could have happily lived the rest of my life without seeing that picture.

Safer then a tattoo.

"I belong in a museum," she Müttered.

It probably makes head lice feel more at home.

Is this China's "flower power" stage?

I think ours was more fun.

Has anyone looked for one of these underneath The Donald's combover?

"Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf", a widely popular and occasionally violent Chinese animated TV show.

Must be their version of Roadrunner.

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