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August 26, 2015


A chicken sandwich cannot be copyrighted, court rules

(Thanks to Sam Sokol)


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And here I was using a computer to "author" things. Now I know where I went wrong.

author (transitive verb) – to be the author of; has authored several books

Didn't Author Treachers have chicken sandwiches ? Along with their fish ?

Norberto Colón Lorenzana ==>
Lorn torn ozone barnacle
Ozone terror cannonball
Once torn bonanza roller
Carnal bronze tenor loon
Noble colon zen narrator
Errant cornball neon zoo

.. now that I think of it, Carnal Bronze Tenor Loon WBAGNFA crazy R-rated operatic show in Miami .. (no offense, Dave)

"It was the best of times...it was the wurst of times..."

There. I just "authored" something. Bring on the side of sauerkraut.

- don't 'spose that chicken author was looking for a pullet surprise

And sometimes a chicken sandwich is just a cigar.

- oh, & 'if you get caught between the moon and New York City
the best that you can do
is fall in love'

ligirl, you'll like this one

Q: Why doesn't anyone starve in the desert?
A: Because of all the sand which is there.

*kicks my camel toe @ MOTW*

Imagined behind the scenes:

The judge told him it would be all right.

He thought the judge said "I'll write" and punched him.

"Thirty days in/with the pen."

There. I authored something and just now put bbq on it.

What do I win?

Well of course the bun, at least, would be in the public dough main. And there are no royalties involved if it's not chicken à la king.

Whatever gets you through the night: Saul write, Saul write
It's your money or life: Saul Wright, Saul Wright
Don't need a chicken to cut through flowers oh no, oh no

Who the hell is Saul Wright and why is talking about me?

I was hoping is is a "chic sandwich". Just w typical chauvinistic dream.

Chick-fil-A uses the slogan We didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich. Dwarf House, CfA's predecessor, was founded in 1946. But there is at least one episode of The Great Gildersleeve from 1943 where the title character orders a chicken sandwich at Peavey's Drug Store.

Gildersleeve also had a barber named Floyd before Andy Griffith did.

I hereby announce that [pirate *] is now copyrighted by me! Disney, about those pirate movies you made with Mr. Depp? I'm thinking 30% gross revenue sounds like a fair offer.

I can use the proceeds to take the entire Blog family to Knotts Berry Farm (TM, all rights reserved).

Which came first, the chicken sandwich or the egg sandwich?

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