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August 28, 2015


This is not good.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 8.25.13 AM

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That is one good reason why I like Michigan.

Shartnado alert sounded

You prayed for an end to the drought and God said "OK, you asked for it!"

La Mer... de

@ wiredog – yeeowch, that map should really see a urologist.

Oh, sh!t.

"Shits East"! ... hate when that happens!

I hope it empties itself completely before it reaches the Carolinas.

I thought it was Eats $h!t????

Erica's Cone opened for The Sphincters in an undisclosed location. Maybe East.

That's what happens whenever I eat Chinese food.

It looks like Erika had the salsa verde.

That's why I live here on the West Coast. The last hurricane we had to worry about occurred...never. Plus we don't have alligators on our golf courses, or lizards the size of small aircraft. Crazy people, however, are so abundant that we're now exporting them to Texas.

*shatastrophic snorks @ all*

> Yawn < Wake me when it gets to Iowa.

PirateBoy, we welcome your crazy taxpayers. I lived in California for 11 years. I like it here because citizens get to keep their money.

The answer my friend is manure in the wind
The answer is manure in the wind.

Does all this rain help or hurt the sinkhole problem ?

hope Dave can avoid the sh!tstorm

If you're traveling westward and you shit east, isn't that a good thing? Unless you get caught in the downwinds....

PirateBoy, I'll take our occasional hurricanes over your earthquakes any day!

Shit east, young man.

Are those little whirly things the fans where the shit hits?

Back at MAC:
"Shit East, Grasshopper"

I hope that this storm doesn't end up doing any damage.

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