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August 28, 2015


Aussie bar uses naked women as fruit platters, sparks outrage

(Thanks to Ron G. and West Coast Rod)


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Sure, lol

What, no pictures of the buff men in speedos for the blogladies? Shoddy journalism.

Deep. Women are nurturers who's bodies blossom and bear the fruit of their wombs which in turn are fed by the nectar of their breasts. Live art, and quite a statement.
Or just a good reason to say boobyfruit, nippleope and vajaygrapes.. I'm down with either.

They are not naked. They are covered in fruit.

I agree with wiredog. Where are the pictures of the buff guys in speedos?

Throw another shrimp on the Barbie, mate.

Ha, just some guy!

so if the women were bearing fruit were the guys baring nuts ?

I really like your peaches,
Wanna shake your tree.

Steve Miller

A stark reminder for all of us to eat more fruit !

Formal party with women as fruit platters at the Cruise bar? Makes perfect No sense to me...

speaks/suggests the same kind of stupidity that leads to slavery and/or chauvinism....

I would avoid the platter with bananas. Just sayin'.

A friend invited me to a potluck tomorrow night. Wonder where I can find....?

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