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August 31, 2015



(Thanks to a person in the Mainstream Media, which as this person notes is ignoring this story)


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send it to Washington

Apparently Mr. Hudgins has never heard of Donald Trump...

There was Dweezil, then Moon Unit and the often overlooked freeloader of the family, Hippo Butt Leech.


must be Hungry hungry

oooooh, gross.

Hippo Rectums opened for The Butthole Surfers.

Actually, this is well known. In fact, they did an animated documentary on the first of these leeches to be discovered. You can find it on Netflix et al. Just look fort 'Rectum Ralph'

If only Donald Trump had a dime for every time he's been called a hippo's rectum....oh wait, he does....

Well, just wait till the hippos get organized...

Some leeches simply have no shame.

Those leeches give other ones bad name.

Rectum? Damn near killed him!

At that rate it's going to take them like a thousand years to eat the whole hippo.


One of my favorite folk tunes as a kid.

That is still less disgusting than hippo rectums feasting on leeches.

So, essentially, Hippo Rectums open for the Leech Feeds.

What, send it to Washington???

It's already here and already biting all our collective asses.

*snork* at Fred

Two hippo anal leaches are talking. One says to the other

"Nice day isn't it?"

and the other replies:

"Yeah, no shit."

I'll just sidle quietly to the exit

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