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August 28, 2015


Deputies interview a dozen girls named 'Destiny' to try and find cliff tagger


(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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We'd interview anyone named Flintstone.

I'd check the phone book (remember them?) for "Cliff Tagger[t]" myself.

Or maybe "Destiny Prom"?

If they catch him I hope his destiny is cleaning port-a-pottys for the next six months.

Maybe Destiny isn't even the girl's name. Maybe George McFly just got the letters in the right order for a change.

It's too bad that Destiny didn't spray paint "no" under this.

There are a dozen girls named "Destiny" in that high school? In Idaho? How about if you add in all the girls with similar names, like "Destinee" and "Dustiny" and "Detainee"?

I pity Destiny's Child, and always have..."Say My Name"? No thanks...

"Marty, it's your kids! They're idiots!"

The original line in the script, which Doc, thankfully,

^ Now I really want to hear him say that.

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