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July 27, 2015


Killer Seagulls Are Terrorizing Animals in the U.K. and Experts Fear a Baby Might Be Next

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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The Gull Awareness Group is an important division of things Canada needs no awareness groups for.

Babies terrorizing animals will not be tolerated in the U.K.

Canada is part of the U.K.

When it does happen, do we get to change their species' name to "dingull"?

Get ready to hear from the Gull Protective Society or some such nonsense. If they try to cull the gulls, they will rouse the ninnies. "Won't somebody think of the children" will actually be their rallying cry and they will fail to see the irony in that.

Tape an alka-seltzer to every child and eventually the seagulls will stop eating them.

The immoral porpoises are behind it.

sea gulls eating rats... I have no issue with that.

I saw a Flock of Seagulls opening for Ratt in 82.

It was a weird show.

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