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July 31, 2015


Texas man shot after bullet ricochets off armadillo

This is not the first time a gunshot injury has resulted from an armadillo shooting. Earlier this year, a Georgia man accidentally shot his mother-in-law when the bullet ricocheted off of the heavily armored mammal

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Why are we not using Amadillos for body armor? Maybe I'll start an armadillo farm for that purpose. It's in the name for goodness sake: ARMadillo.

Possum on the half shell.

They carry leprosy, too.

Armagettin' outta here

3 a.m.?

Was the armadillo really even there?

And how much alcohol was involved?

Aren't armadillos really just small Triceratops ? I wouldn't mess with them !

How do armadillos get armed?

I think the squirrel lead is worthy of followup.

*Armadillos are more active at night. So, dear bloglit, if you see one during the daytime it is most likely injured or sick and is best avoided.

*The North American nine-banded armadillo tends to jump straight in the air when surprised and, consequently, often collides with the undercarriage or fenders of passing vehicles. (YFNRW has personally witnessed this.)

* Humans can acquire a leprosy infection from armadillos by handling them or consuming armadillo meat.

*The word armadillo means "little armored one" in Spanish. The armor is formed by plates of dermal bone covered in relatively small, overlapping epidermal scales called "scutes," composed of bone with a covering of horn.

*More info here

"a Georgia man

shot his mother-in-law"

Yeah, right...

Where did all the perky newspeople go? The news reporter in that piece looks like she needs a hug.

Nancy, I'm originally from Georgia and.....I'm not sure it was an accident either. I'm just grateful I'm not related to the guy that accidentally shot his mother-in-law.

Maybe the Georgia fellow forgot to call "bank shot."

Lets's not assume this was a ricochet. In Texas, even armadillos are packing.

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