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July 28, 2015


Gull running is latest extreme sport as teens with chips try to outrun vicious birds

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The fun will be over when someone loses a Royal eye.

Our future leaders. God bless 'em.

Oh, teenage boys have always been gull crazy.

Boys meet gulls

♫ Better run for your life, if you can, little gull,
find you with another man, that's the end, little gull♫

Gulls in New Zealand will pick you up by your pants legs, shake you in mid air, and then casually eat the chips that have fallen to the ground.

Eating fish and chips at the beach here can be fatal...

Young Gull,
Get out of my mind.
Your nest in Big Ben?
In cost us some time...

Better run, Gull,
You're much too young Gull.

Go Pro is coming out with a special attachment to hold the chips as it films the gulls.

...for immoral porpoises.

The "gull" songs bring me back many years, when I and a friend were at the beach in a somewhat altered state (the one where everything is so hilarious you snork Cheetos out of your nose). We started thinking of songs with "girl" in the title and replaced it with "gull." There were a few Beatles songs:

Your Gonna Lose that Gull
Hello Little Gull
Thank You Gull
Another Gull

and my personal Beatles favorite:


Good times.

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