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July 31, 2015


Louisiana mom throws son a 2nd birthday party themed after his hero, a local personal injury lawyer on TV

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Poker)


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In an ironic twist, the little squirt will someday hire his hero to sue his mother for totally [email protected]#$*%g up his psyche.

$5 says the kid will grow up and chase ambulances.

It also helps if you read this story in the voice of Lionel Hutz from The Simpsons:

Lionel Hutz: Now don't you worry, Mrs. Simpson, I... uh-oh. We've drawn Judge Snyder.
Marge: Is that bad?
Lionel Hutz: Well, he's had it in for me ever since I kinda ran over his dog.
Marge: You did?
Lionel Hutz: Well, replace the word "kinda" with the word "repeatedly," and the word "dog" with "son.

I will have to bring up the idea of a life-size cut out to cover the reference desk when we have to walk away.

That's what I imagine Bill Doberman looks like. (He'll fight for you!)

"Is today your birthday? If so, you may be entitled to PRESENTS. Call my office for a free consultation. Our legal staff will fight to get you all the PRESENTS you are entitled to."

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