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July 10, 2015


Parents: McDonald's Minions toy utters profane phrase

(Thanks to Bill Jones, Al Barkafski and Bob Brogan)


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I played the video multiple times. All I heard was Minion-ese....

I suspect this "protective father" is like Balloon Boy's dad - he wants his 30 seconds of fame, any way he can get it.

Aren't there already enough minions in DC?

See what happens when you hang with Ronald???

This guy is what I call a Grievance Chaser. WTF, man. It's a kids happy meal toy. You are the adult. I guess.

I'm this THIS had something to do with it!

This dad needs to stop eating at McDonald's. I think the overload of cholesterol has damaged his brain. I also played it a couple of times and I didn't hear anything other than Minionese either.

I didn't hear anything bad.

Would Minions be a good name.....?

Could have something to do with the language spoken in Alabama? It isn't English...

The ads for the movie have a Queen Elizabeth type character kneeing a minion in the groin. If I were that toy, I'd cuss too.

What the what?

If you worked for nothing, you'd cuss too.

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