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July 29, 2015


ATM-filling workers forget bag of $141,000 on a lawn

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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"ATMForUs.com"? The name alone screams incompetence.

The Family Channel is looking into making a miniseries.

Mahwah ..?

Wonder if the home owner has to declare that as income ?

That's one way to get a green lawn without watering it.

I recognize that bag! That's mine!

Mahwah is Marwan pronounced by a Bostonian. I was just up near Mahwah last weekend. Actually, the NJ name I like best is Ho-Ho-Kus.

UHH yes indeed what one finds on the roadside is fair game, particularly if it is unmarked 10's and 20's. If you need them back I would visit the local strip club....


Where would I go to turn in a bag with $65,000 in it?

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