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July 30, 2015


Ohio man must spend two days in jail for petting zoo cougars

(Thanks to Another Ralph)


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I do my cougar petting at the local watering hole.

Ohio Man is off to a good start, but there's doubt he can ever catch Florida Man.

I hope a psych eval goes with that.

As long as it was a consenting cougar, what's the harm?

Hey, kitty, let go of my arm....

Some cougars have machetes. So I hear.

I pet my cougar every night, otherwise she gets cranky.

They'll let him out when his hand grows back.

My local petting zoo has only sheep and goats

We are getting in the way of evolution. Worst case scenario: he gets to frolic with the Cougars, the Cougars get a free meal, the species is improved. Everyone wins.

I didn't complain to anybody when he petted me!
I mean, string him up.

Couger Booger.

Decent docent cougars?

Shoddy reporting.

The video can be found here.

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