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July 31, 2015


Don't buy it in Asia.

(Thanks to funny man)


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That is just wrong. Oh, who am I kidding?


I think this is hilarious, but I admit I have a sick sense of humor. And I've seen stuff like this for years in New York. It isn't all sexual, but it is generally nonsensical.

F#ck you, pay me.

Kind of like Westerners getting tattoos of Chinese symbols that turn out to be obscene

When part of the shirt is blurred out that's a dead giveaway.

My son is studying Chinese and this type of thing can be done by accident when westerners speak Chinese. If your inflection is wrong a word can take a different meaning. One story is of a westerner lady who told a group of Chinese ladys that she liked to kill people. She actually meant something like "meet people".

a giant step backwards for understanding?

Or maybe...some do?

That's alright, the Chinese will just hack the t-shirt printing systems and change it.

As I recall, Dave, you ran into this same thing in Japan when you saw the kid in the "King F****r Chicken" t-shirt.

Still my favorite Monty Python routine, the Hungarian Phrasebook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6D1YI-41ao

My buddy likes the girl in the whore related t-shirt.

He wanted me to pass these somewhat related internet slang symbols with def.'s on. He said, "they are so cock, man.".

Azn — adjective short of Asian.

¬_¬ - showing suspiscion or distrust

DE My T shirt is full of eels.

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