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July 28, 2015


Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warn over 'killer robots'

This robot can make you an egg sandwich

(Thanks to kevismi)


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I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords.

Killer robots that can make egg sandwiches? Awesome.

BUT...now every evil scientist will have to have one.

Make mine scrambled, and leave out the poison and GMO please.

"Don't make killer robots", I said.
"It'll be bad", I said.
And did anybody listen? Nooooo!

Customer: "I'd like an egg sandwich, please."

ED 209: "Would you like a hash brown?"

Customer: "Did I ask for hash browns?"

ED 209: "No, sir. Please proceed to the second window." ( sound of Mini guns starting to spin) "Thank you."

When Mr. Robot can fight the local authority for permission to set up the hen house, pay for and haul feed (for the hens, not the pinheads), collect the eggs, pay for the vet to sort out hen-health issues, and clean out said hen house then I'm interested. And while we're on the subject, who goes into a supermarket and buys hard-boiled/peeled eggs? Our daughter is living in London and apparently it's a 'thing'. Dismounts from soapbox.

Genisys is Skynet.

For God's sake, if they can hack a Jeep, they can hack your egg sammich robot -- "Please make the bacon crispy, Rosie, if you----AAAIAIIIEEEEEE!!!!"

Killer robots are making you egg sandwiches, you get high cholesterol and DIE, a 20 or so years later. They are thinking long term killing.

Do the killer robots wear orange bras?

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