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July 20, 2015


King Lear Goes On Tour In The Uk With Sheep Instead Of Human Actors

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They have really good drugs over there, don't they.

"You haven't seen Shakespeare until you've seen it performed in Klingon and using goats!"

A certain unnamed Klingon officer overhead talking with Sam Malone at that famous Boston Bar.

"Out vile mint jelly! Where is thy lustre now?"

Lear was sort of fuzzy brained, after all.

“This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen.” (Except for all of ewe dressed in wool.)

Monty Python says they had this idea first...

This is a tragedy

Regarding Shakespeare authorship, dig up the contenders. See which one rolled over.

O'er the ram parts....

Baaaaaalow, winds! Craaaaack your cheeks!

From a news report today: Our (U.S.) national government is funding performances of Shakespeare's Plays, but all of which are Performed Without ANY of those old, outmoded 'Spoken Words'.

This would have been a GODSEND to me in 9th grade, when we had to read "As You Like It", which is clearly the Most Boring Theatrical Presentation Known To Humanity. Then we were compelled to repeat the "Seven Ages Of Man" monologue in front of God and Every Student-Colleague In The Class.

Under our "New Peoples' Shakespeare", my "Seven Ages Of Man" presentation would have been:
* Stride Bravely to the front of the class;
* Stand there for 54 seconds, exhibiting "thoughtful" visages;
* Return to my seat, to THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE - and a grade of "A+"!

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