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July 29, 2015


This remains one of the highlights of my life.


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Why are you waxing wistful, Dave? >smooch!< to the blog, judi, and the bloglits!

Even better than The Tupperware Song?

Dave got to solo! Nice job.

Another reason to vote for Dave as our leader: he kicks ass when he rocks!

Dave Barry for President!

I mean, really, when did we ever see Cheney or Bush or Hillary or Bernie really rock?

First saw the Raiders on Where the Action Is after school. Bought their records and listened to them most every day. Combed my hair in the mirror until my bangs looked exactly like Mark's. Didn't really look like Mark, but could pass for Ringo in a pinch.

Interesting Terry Melcher, Doris Day's son produced the album.

Mrs. PirateBoy and I saw this tour (minus Dave) at our local fairgrounds 5 years ago. Awesome time was had by all, and not a young kid in site!

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