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July 29, 2015


Philly Naked Bike Ride cuts ties with nude Rocket Cat Café promoter

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

Related: Naked Man Arrested At Grocery Store Meat Counter

(Thanks to Geoff Scott and Allen at Division, who asks "What Other Counter would he stand at?")


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Was he there to get his brisket trimmed?

"'Scuse me while I whip this out."

RIP Cleavon

The Bike Rider also was applying to be a human billboard, but most people could not decipher the alpha-numeric messages.

Translation: Scientists may be interested, but we aren't. Or in the words of that classic linguist Morey Amsterdam: "YUUUCHHH!!!!"

Th quote nursecindy: "Why is it always the people you don't want to see naked?"

I see Jeff is quoting me again. But I still say it's always the people you don't want to see naked that insist on getting that way. I wonder if Naked Man and Florida Man are related?

Where would he put his coupons ? Wallet ?

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