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July 30, 2015


Going topless is suddenly hot again

(Thanks to The Perts)


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How can we judge the issue fairly without pictures?

Exactly Jeff.

But which came first, the heat or the topless?

What's that smell?

Might as well toss the Canadian Constitution into the trash can of freedom


Um. Just saying. We live not too far from these gals, it's as hot as the Hobs here Hell here, and we skinny dipped in our pool the last three nights.

With a slideshow of fully clothed women. Bah! Shoddy reporting!

Topless and maple syrup. It's just natural.

Most don't have very good shapes so that may not be a good idea. (ha)

This is just another ploy by women to control men. And it will work.

This is Central Canada, for Pete's sake. It must be a possibility what, five or six days a year? The other 360 days....not happening.

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