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July 28, 2015


Britain’s Lord Sewel quits Parliament after he was caught on tape allegedly snorting coke, wearing orange bra

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Well, Orange is the new crazy.

How humiliating. Orange is soooo 2011.

783 Peers opened for Question Mark and the Mysterians.

There are 783 piers in England.

Getting an agreement for them to wear orange bras ain't
gonna be easy.

William of Orange had the same problem.

Did he give the bra back to the Queen? Or Charles?

"What are you wearing under there?"


"Under your shirt, sir!"

Marion Barry sent Sewel a(n) (under)wire which read, "Give it few years, they'll forget all about it!"

So he's a closet Bengals fan, so what?

...you do one little thing wrong.

Sheesh, harsh!

Cartoon - scroll ~1/3 down.

All he has to do is go on a reality show and have the host talk about his "courage". He'll be rich.

Tellement vrai, LeDud

*Snork* at MOTW's cartoon!

What's the big deal? Like Clinton never did that in the Oval Office?

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