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July 29, 2015


Every summer, my cousin-in-law Ron Ungerman and I make an effort to be photographed at this place of worship. This year, we were joined by Mr. Ridley Pearson.


We found the experience deeply moving. Especially Ridley.



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Ha ha.

Until the resurrection.

Lookin' good, Mr. The Blog.

Has this church's name ever been a bone of contention for its parishioners?

I would giggle when the preacher instructs the congregation to "rise."

It looks like you were enjoying the day.

The turbo-powered handbasket must be just out of the frame.

Just try to go to the morning service.

Altogether now!

O come to the church of the Big Wood,
Come to the church if you're male...

What time's the geezer bus leaving?

I'd like to meet its most staunch member.

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