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June 30, 2015


Make your wedding a day to remember, by cutting the head off a tuna together

(Thanks to Joe Green)


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Can't be any worse than the bride and groom mashing cake into each others' faces.

Mrs. Wanderer tells the story of an acquaintance who made clear to her groom that said food carnage was not happening. Of course, when the time came that they cut the wedding cake and served each other, he thought it was funny to mash a handful of cake in her face. She marched out of the reception and immediately started divorce proceedings. True story.


I'll stick to the Trump pinata, unless The Donald is open to personal appearances.

Whack the Tuna WBAGNFARB.

And later that night,the they sleep with the fishes.

i like to "whack the tuna" too, iykwim, aityd.

How do they cut through those little cans?

Sorry, Charlie, the couple wants to whack your head


(Charlie turns angry red and spouts off a slew of vulgarities before hurriedly swimming off.)

Where do you register for that?

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