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June 29, 2015


"Get back from the Queen's Guards!" 


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Guys. The things they will do to impress their dates or mates.

Well, what was he expecting?

Clean up and a fresh size large Depends in the Queen's yard!


God bless the Queen's Guards!

How many times do I need to tell you, son? Look, but don't touch!

Never mess with anyone with 5 ft tall hair.

Never mess with anyone with 5 ft tall hair.

And a bayonet.

Tragically, no shots were fired.

You know they're putting up with these idiot tourists all day long just wanting, wishing, and waiting for an opportunity to unleash their wrath upon the stupidest of the stupid.

I bet there's a book on who gets to make a tourist wee himself/herself that week. They all place their bets on Monday, and if no one wins the money piles up until one of them finally pays out.

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